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Lose more weight by keeping your motivation high

Keep your motivation high and your chances of weight loss even higher!

Have you been postponing working out or really commiting to a diet? Maybe you’ve just been slacking on your diet or your exercising? Motivation can be hard to gain at first and even harder to keep in the long run. Here are 5 ways for you to get motivated to lose weight and stay the course!

1. Diet or workout with a partner/friend.

If you’ve never worked out or dieted with someone else before, this might be the solution to your motivation problems. Together, you could set common goals and be accountable for each other’s efforts and results. Let’s say you or your partner set a certain daily/weekly or monthly weight loss goal, both of you could encourage the other person to give that little extra push. Ever noticed that you most likely work harder when you’re being observed or when you’re accountable?

Couple cooking together

It’s always nice to have someone that supports you!


2. Shorten your training and increase the intensity!

Long boring workouts are almost always synonymous with a lack of motivation. Instead of taking endless rest periods in between your sets, why not combine the different exercises of your program and make it into a circuit? As long as you properly alternate between different muscle groups to avoid an excess of localized (peripheral) fatigue, you will be able to bust through that program in half the time! You know what’s even better? Since you’re going to take very little rest, your heart rate will climb up and allow you to burn a lot more calories and increase your cardiovascular capacities at the same time.

Women working out high intensity

Circuit training and HIIT type of workouts are VERY effective workouts for weight loss


3. You need to set yourself some goals.

Without goals, you’re only going to workout until the novelty of it wears off (which is going to be pretty soon) or if someone pays you/it is your job (now that would be nice wouldn’t it?). The same thing goes with weight loss, if you don’t set yourself weight loss objectives, you’ll get bored of dieting pretty quickly.

Short term goals will allow you to stay focused in your day to day routine and not fall in the trap of “why not” and “I’ll start tomorrow” when choices are presented to you. Long term ones are great for you to see how much you’ve accomplished once you reached them.

Keep in mind that your goals need to be: realistic, measurable and specific. Realistic to a certain extent because of course you should dream of achieving things you’ve only dreamed of but some goals are either physically impossible or unreachable in the time frame that you set yourself. Measurable because you need to be able to assess the progress of attaining these goals. Last but not least, specific because too general of a goal and you increase the risks of missing the mark.

4. Keep a training journal AND a diet journal.

This is how you will be accountable for yourself and achieve results. First, this is where you will write down your short and long term goals that you set yourself. Then, you should write down everything that can be written about your workout, your eating habits and even how you feel that day.

Be specific. Whenever you have a workout, make sure to write down the amount of weight you’ve used, the number of repititions and sets, the rest time and even the tempo if you have to. If you’re tracking your performance on a cardio machine or you’re using a heart rate meter while doing cardio, write down your average beats per minute (bpm).

Since your goal is to lose weight, then you definitely need to write down everything that you eat and drink through each day. A vast majority of people underestimate the amount of food they eat in a day. The same thing goes for the amount of exercise that most people think they actually do. Again, whenever you write stuff down and keep track, it eliminates the doubts and the results you’re going to achieve will be a great boost to your motivation.

Diet and weight loss journal

Keep a journal and never lose track of what’s important.


5. Spice up the routine.

Maybe you’re always doing the same type of workout, in the same environment, at the same time of the day. Why not try another regimen or a completely different type of activity once in a while? If the weather is nice, working out in the park or going on a bike ride might just be the thing you needed.

For example, some cities have integrated workout areas in different parks with basic equipment such as pull-up bars, dip bars, inverted row bars and different type of boxes for jumps and split squats variations.

Ever wondered if maybe you were more of a morning person, night person or vice-versa? If you’re used to train at a certain time everyday, you can always try the opposite and see how it feels. Maybe you have more motivation in the morning!

How can you spice up your diet? You could actually try different spices in your food! Spice have basically zero calories and can definitely change the taste of your common meal keeping it new and exciting.



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So, that’s it for today! I hope at least one of these tips will allow you to achieve the results that you’ve always wanted.


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