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4 Secrets To Faster Weight Loss

So, you’re trying to lose weight, but not sure where to start? In a world where we are bombarded with information from all sides, starting your weight loss journey can be an overwhelming task.


Personally, I also find that with most of the information shared, it ends up being a bit of an unrealistic task.


Thankfully, you’ve landed in the right spot as I’m going to share the 4 secrets of weight loss with you. They are easy to implement, easy to understand and they will transform the way that you look at food.


In fact, these secrets are so effective, that they are the core of weight loss program The Metabolic Reset, a program that has transformed the lives of hundreds of women just by following these 4 secrets.


Without further ado, I present the 4 secrets to faster weight loss to you:

SECRET #1: Eat breakfast 1 hour after waking up

When I first start working with clients the first thing I ask them is “what did you eat for breakfast?” Usually the answer I get is either just coffee or I don’t have time for breakfast. The next thing I do is ask them if they experience any of the following symptoms.

  1. You crave sweets
  2. You binge in the afternoon/evening
  3. You overeat at dinner
  4. You’re tired all the time
  5. You don’t have stable levels of energy throughout the day.


Can you relate? I usually get yeses to all the above questions.


If you said yes to most of the above, then it might just be time for you to start having a balanced breakfast 1-hour after you wake up.


Need some inspiration for balances meals? Download this free 3-day meal plan here.

SECRET #2: Consume 35g of Fiber

Fiber’s job is to:

  • Bind with fatty acids
  • Prolong stomach emptying time so that sugar is released and absorbed more slowly
  • Move bulk through the intestines


As a bonus, it increases feelings of fullness and it helps stabilize blood sugar, both of which help reduce cravings.

SECRET #3: Include a Protein

How does protein help you lose weight? Protein is a highly thermogenic food. Proteins are big structures and contain lots of molecules that need to be broken down into single amino acids before they can be absorbed and used as building blocks. When you have a protein source with your meal your body creates heat while breaking it down, which burns calories!


Proteins are important for weight loss because they facilitate the release of the hormone glucagon. Glucagon helps regulate blood sugar by slowing down the speed of the carbohydrate turning into sugar in your blood. Adding a lean protein to every meal lowers the secretion of insulin. This ultimately keeps your hormones balanced and prevents your food from being stored as fat!


Tip: use the palm of your hand as a measure for your portion.

SECRET #4: Sleep 7 hours a night

Sleep is essential for repair and rejuvenation. Sleep loss can affect the basic metabolic functions of storing carbohydrates and regulating your hormones. Cortisol is the stress hormone. When we are sleep deprived, cortisol levels become elevated.


When Cortisol is elevated, the following areas suffer:

  • Weight gain, especially around the mid-section.
  • Appetite – can make you feel hungry even when you have eaten enough;
  • Raises blood sugar and insulin levels – causes you to crave carbohydrates unnecessarily;
  • Irregular sleep patterns – makes it difficult to fall or stay asleep when you finally get to bed or wake up at 2am.


Unable to fall asleep? Start a night time ritual one hour before going to bed to help you unwind. My secret weapon to help me relax in the evenings is magnesium, preferably in powder form for faster absorption. Give it a try and let me know how it goes!


These 4 secrets are part of the foundations for the weight loss system I teach to all my clients. They help you rebalance your hormones, increase your energy and above all, stabilize your blood sugar.


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Natalie is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist – she transforms women’s body’s by teaching them to eat balanced meals so that they can quickly lose weight, without giving up ? & ?

Download her 3-Day Sugar-Free Challenge to start balancing your hormones and ignite your metabolism today.

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