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did you know that people who pair good nutrition with exercising lose up to 450% more weight?

The perfect workout program that goes with your diet

Intense calorie burn.

Amplify your results

Burn calories anywhere, anytime

4 week incremental workout program

30 minutes or less per session

Stretching routines

Tutorial videos

BONUS: The ABC of interval training

BONUS: Fix your posture routine

The BurnHIIT experience

Amplify your fat loss with the Afterburn effect

Boost your metabolism

Transform your body

No equipment needed

Burn calories anywhere, anytime

Why it works

burnHIIT was designed to make your metabolism do most of the hard work. By using the power of high intensity interval training (HIIT) and the effects of excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), your metabolism is going to be running at a higher pace for up to 48 hrs following your workout session.

High intensity interval training

HIIT workouts are short but highly effective. They consist in performing intervals of high intensity efforts in between short periods of rest. Researches have shown that HIIT was by far the most effective method to burn fat and increase athletic performances.

Circuit training

Circuit training involves completing multiple exercises and keeping the time between each one short. That type of training makes it easier to overload your body with a smaller number of repetitions, thus increasing the calories burned and saving precious time!

The Afterburn

Exercising at a high intensity creates an effect called excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC). That phenomenon pushes your body to increase its metabolism and burn a lot of extra calories for up to 48 hours after you’re done exercising.

What people say

BurnHIIT Review - Elissa

With BurnHIIT I am able to get back in shape from my home, which is not always easy with a newborn baby! Jenn is funny and helpful which makes the training sessions even better. I recommend BurnHIIT! – Elissa Milon

BurnHIIT review - Marie Claude Bernard

BurnHIIT is an excellent way to train! Jenn is perfect in her role; she’ll motivate you and keep you going. I’m doing the videos with my husband at home or when I’m travelling. We have no excuse, all you need is a screen to get in shape now! – Marie Claude Bernard

BurnHIIT review - Giselle Crouch

Training with Jennifer and BurnHIIT was such a great and fun experience. She is right there with you, exercising with you, encouraging you to push through your limits. And oh boy did I SWEAT! Thanks Jenn!! Looking forward to more mornings training at home with you! – Giselle Crouch

BurnHIIT review - Elise Salou

What I liked about burnHIIT: it was easy to follow and accessible. The coach is natural and helping. It makes me want to move more! – Elise Salou

BurnHIIT review - Andrea Zoellner

After using BurnHIIT for 4 weeks I am down about 7 pounds. While weight loss is an easy metric to track success, it wasn’t actually my favourite benefit of Jenn’s program. My favourite result was that I was actually looking forward to working out. – Andrea Zoellner

The Secret that amplifies your weight loss

The afterburn effect

BurnHIIT triggers what is called “the afterburn effect”, making your body burn additional calories for up to 48h following your workout. Adding BurnHIIT workouts to your current diet will turbo boost your weight loss, giving you incredible results.


Specifically built to burn the most calories in the shortest amount of time possible, BurnHIIT is a weapon not to be ignored when you want to lose weight!

Check out these results!

BurnHIIT Results - Linda

Linda, 9 lbs lost

Being a full-time student and working is not easy. My schedule is pretty crazy, and it leaves me very little time to go to an actual gym. That’s why BurnHIIT was easy to fit right into my busy lifestyle while still being able to achieve my weight loss goals.

BurnHIIT Results - Laura

Laura, 14 lbs lost

I don’t like to be stuck between the same four walls, days after days. As a freelance graphic designer and an artist, I have the freedom to work from wherever I want, and that’s exactly what I do.


Because I enjoy working from abroad, I needed a way to get in shape that I could do from anywhere. Since I could download the workout videos in advance, I didn’t need a WI-FI signal to workout with BurnHIIT.





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† Results vary depending on starting points, goals, and efforts.